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Thursday, August 09, 2007

the toe approacheth

I did the first row of toe decreases this morning. I should be kitchenering it on the way home. Is kitchener a verb? Can you make a gerund out of it? Probably not, I should say I'll be grafting it on the way home. But kitchenering sounds much more interesting than grafting.

I've got a lot to do tonight. We had a change in plans for the weekend. Both of my sisters are coming down tomorrow. Since the middle one had a birthday on Monday, I'm baking a cake tonight and I'll be tidying up the main floor of the house. Hmmm, maybe I'll vacuum. The cake is going to be a beach ball, since we're planning to go to the beach one day (I need to find out when they're returning to VT).

Tomorrow, I'll be leaving work at noon and then I'll finish cleaning up the guestroom and any other tidying. Hubby and I installed the airconditioner last night, but there's all that clean laundry to put away. I expect I'll be busy tomorrow because I know myself enough to know that I probably won't do a whole lot tonight.

B is still doing well on the potty, in case you were wondering.

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Amy Lane said...

Yes--kitchenering (a gerund:-) does make that process sound as magical as it really seems when we're done. (or at least to me...I don't kitchener as well as some...)