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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

rapidly approaching an ankle

I've only got a couple more decrease rows to go, then it's an inch of stockinette at the ankle. I should be working the heel sometime tonight. I know, that means the sock won't be done before our trip tomorrow. I'm okay with that; I'll definitely be done before the party 8/30. I'm still bringing the Hempathy and the Josephine pattern down the shore, but I'll alternate with the sock.

B's been doing really well on the potty the last week or so. He's pooped nowhere else for over a week and hasn't had a wet accident (meaning when awake) with me since early last week. I think it's the best birthday present ever.

Now, if only daycare would get with the program. Dude was dry all day Friday. He even got some candy for doing so well. So, I was totally stoked when I picked him up yesterday and he was still in the same clothes I'd dressed him in that morning. He was dancing a jig, but wouldn't go, then he told me he was wet when we got home. He didn't look wet, so I took him upstairs and put him on the potty. That's when I realized he'd been in a pull-up! Apparently all day! I've sent in a note asking for an explanation, and if I don't get a note back, I'm calling tomorrow. I'm tired of them undermining us. They're the ones with the stupid ass deadline. They need to step up and do something about what's going on there during the day. He doesn't have accidents with me and I can't make him use the potty when I'm not there!

I'm so looking forward to getting away. I'm hoping being down the shore, as in not at home, doesn't set him back. He didn't go on the potty much for M-i-L Saturday afternoon. But, we'll deal with it.

Hopefully, I'll be back on Monday with pics of something other than these socks!


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Oh, but the socks look so chirpy on the blog!!! (They really do--very cheerful!)