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Thursday, August 02, 2007

now with calf shaping

I started the calf shaping on my sister's birthday socks. I need to knit faster if I'm going to get two of these done by Labor Day weekend (the party is that Saturday).

I hope I'm not too off with the sizing.

I was very irritated to find a knot in this first skein. But, it means I don't have to knock myself out to make the two socks matchy-matchy. (No, I'm not going to remove yarn in the second sock to re-create the screw up in the patterning the mill's knot introduced. You're at the wrong blog if you're looking for that kind of thing, not that there's anything wrong with it.)

Things went okay at the doctor's office. Billy was really great, as usual. He saves his best behavior when there's a lollipop at the end. Truly, though, he did try to share the toys with this cute little rugrat. B was fascinated by the baby (about 10 months judging by size and crawling) and the baby was fascinated by B. He walked right up to the baby and gave him the doctor's Rhinocort Rhino to play with. Awwww.

Turns out his ear pain is swimmer's ear and not a middle ear infection. We've since learned that when you're three and a half antibiotic drops are great in theory, not so much in practice. He loved the idea of ear drops, scurrying to get on the floor and then flailed and wailed when they were put into his ear. The most fun part of yesterday, for B, though, was trying to pee in a cup. The doc jumped all over the one symptom of a possible UTI. B thinks it's hilarious and won't do it. We've got a specimen cup at home, just in case I can catch some. She suggested saran wrap on the bowl, I'm going to try that tonight.

No good suggestions, just patience and rewarding him.

After the doc, B and I got hair cuts. He really liked mine. He was so cute giggling and telling me "nice haircut." He even told my I had my sisters hair (the one of the three of us not to get the curls). Hubby, on the other hand, hates it. He always hates it when I have my hair blown out. Oh well, the curls be back soon enough. I took this pic this morning. The hair looked much better yesterday. The effects of straigt ironing have worn off after sleeping and the humidity of the bathroom.

B couldn't tell. He still liked it this morning.

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Tracy said...

Pretty hair cut! I have curly hair too, I actually get the curl relaxed with a relaxer that's made for Caucasian hair. I still can't get it straight but it's not as kinky! LOL!

I used to get swimmers ear as a kid (I was on a swim team) all of the time and it hurts like crazy! It's way worse then a "normal" ear infection. I feel for your little one!