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Monday, August 13, 2007

the weekend

It was a pretty good weekend, until we got home from the beach on Saturday. Little sis got pissed off at Hubby and decided to go to bed early (like at 6 pm). When she re-appeared Sunday morning, she gave him the silent treatment.

I don't expect them to be best friends, I don't even care if she likes him (she doesn't have to like him, she's not married to him), but I would like the common courtesy of letting him or I explain or be allowed the opportunity to apologize, she wouldn't even talk to me when I went up to the guest room, but oh well. We've always been a hard-headed lot, and she's the most stubborn of all. I hope it blows over. Hubby was very irritated at being misunderstood so severely. It's hard getting him to understand sibling relations, what with his being an only child and F-i-L hasn't always modeled great in-law behavior. I just want everyone to get along, or at least be adults about disagreements. I see them so rarely, it's a waste if we have these kinds of things happen.

B had a great time with his aunts, constantly asking where they were when they went into the water (B goes nowhere near the real ocean, particularly not when it's red and yellow flag rough). He had a great time using the "bathroom truck", too (Asbury has set up trailers for bathrooms all along the boardwalk). I have to report that he had no accidents yesterday, and only 2 on Saturday.

Due to my current ambivalent feelings (see above) and being really sick of blue, I left the knee socks at hom and dusted off Serrano for today's commute. I cannot get the color to be orange. It looks yellow and brown enough but the orange is somewhat MIA.

I really hope the hem stops folding up when I block it, or this sweater might need surgery. I'm not quite sure where I am in the pattern, but it should be easy enough to figure out. I'm pretty sure I'm at the final decrease row for the waist shaping.

This fits much better into Project Spectrum this month, too. Although, I was thinking of taking my brown, orange, and purple Polar and coming up with a jacket for Fall. I think I might fire up the dye pot, too. I don't think I've dyed any sock yarn in appropriate PS colors at all this year!

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Amy Lane said...

Bummer about family relations... my step-brother and I almost came to blows once... my husband (also an only child) was very lost as to how to intervene.