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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Yo, DJ

Hubby and I bought a couple of Dell Pocket DJs last week. They arrived yesterday. I got to start charging and loading mine first (he's going out after work tonight and didn't want to bring it with him). I really like it. I can't believe how fast the CDs rip and sync over. I've got all my Sheryl Crow and Indigo Girls on it. I am going to need some different head phones. These buds just don't stay in my ears. I liked listening (Queen, Night at the Opera) and knitting (sock) on the way to work this morning. Right now, I've got Sheryl on shuffle and repeat. Should make compiling spread sheets and reviewing final proofs much more interesting.

Tonight after Billy goes to bed, I plan on more ripping and getting Hubby's set up for him. It'll be a piece of cake since I've loaded all the software on the PC. Tomorrow, I'll show him how to do everything and we'll be good to go. He's all excited about it now. He may be late coming to MP3s, but he's all over it. Doesn't think he'll buy another CD (which is good, we have a few thousand as it is).

I've decided to be a bit chaotic with the stripes on Billy's vest. I figure a toddler can get away with LOUD clothes! has a lot of nice cottons on sale this week. I'm resisting so far (yeah, real strong, the sale's on until next Thursday), telling myself that if I don't stash now, I'll buy whatever I want at the marketplace at Stitches in September. Oh yeah.

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Yarngirl said...

I love my MP3 player too - and you can store so much on them! But those ear buds - they are made for the Jolly Green Giants ears!