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Monday, June 20, 2005

lots of knitting

I did a lot of knitting over the weekend.

I did finish up Hubby's sock on Friday and had him try it on. Unfortunately, I didn't get the kitchener stitch so the toe's wonky. Even more unfortunate, the foot is too short! It's the perfect length for me, but not for Hubby. I'm thoroughly intimidated by the idea of ripping out the stitches and getting such tiny things back on the needles. So, I've cast on for the second sock and once that one's done to the right size, I will fix number one.

Dude's rad stripey vest is coming along nicely. I worked on it quite a bit Friday night and Saturday tailgating before the Steve Miller concert (totally rockin' dude). Shortly, I will be at the neckline for the back. I'm totally loving this Phildar cotton. It's so silky. I showed the vest in progress to my M-I-L. She thought it was very nice too. She gushed a bit. I hate to say she's easily impressed, but when it comes to knitting, she is.

Hubby had a nice Father's day yesterday. He liked his DVD (Freaks and Geeks) and the shirt Billy made for him at daycare (although, we don't see him wearing a t-shirt with footprints all over it). He had a good time at the game with his Dad and we had a nice dinner all together.

I am exhausted. Billy decided to be up before six all weekend. Now, not so bad when Mommy gets to bed at a decent hour, but the morning after a concert? Dude, so not cool.

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Yarngirl said...

It must have been a knitting weekend. Don't be ascared of the sock - when you're ready, just rip to right before the decreases - they may be small stitches, but they usually are firm fabric, so they should stay put. Hey, I just sold a hand knit scarf for 60 bucks!!!