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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers ...

was awesome! I was a bit ticked that it took him nearly an hour to get on stage after The Black Crowes finished (also very good, but they're a jam band and I didn't recognize most of the songs), but then he started playing and singing and mugging for the crowd and it was all good. If I didn't have to be up at the crack of dawn, I would have hated for it to end.

Traffic yesterday, not so good. Apparently, NJ was hit by horrible T-storms which doubled the length of the bus ride home and made the GSP a parking lot on our way to the Arts Center. We sat down right and Chris Robinson and the Crowes came out on stage.

I did about 10 rows on Dude's vest on the way to the concert. Not too much knitting on the bus ride, though. I took a much needed nap! I also didn't do much sock knitting this morning either. I was on a conference call for work. Vendors in India mean conference calls have to be really early (7 am today). I will be finishing up the ribbing soon so st st to the heel.

I won an auction for a lot of 8 balls of Cork in various colors (orange, green, red). I'm going to mix it with my Rowan gift of dark blue and B will have Rad Stripes for Fall! I'm paying $4.50 a ball, including shipping, when it's still retailing for over $8 a ball. Love a good eBay bargain.


theartofdistance said...

hooray for Tom Petty!!! we had wanted to go to the show at the Arts Center, but we had tix to a ball game already, so that's why we went down to Camden to see him... the show totally rocked


Lauren said...

Wow, what a score on the Cork. Where do you find all of these Ebay deals?

Cool concert! I do hate it when the headliner takes forever to come out though... and then you think it might be him... no, wait, it is only a roadie testing the mikes AGAIN.