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Monday, June 27, 2005

the stashing, it must end

So, I won those auctions on eBay. I will now have enough Silk Garden in color 84 to make whatever I want (15 skeins). I will also be getting 10 skeins of Calmer in Amour (red, for just about $7 a skein). And then there's the 8 balls of cork I won.

I feel like I'm hungover with this stash enhancement. Mainly becaue Hubby and I had a heart-to-heart on Friday and I promised, yet again, to not buy anymore yarn. Now I have to tell him that I did indeed win two more auctions. Oops.

Can you sense the extreme guilt radiating from me? You should.

I did finish the body of Billy's vest and I joined the shoulders (three needle bind-off). I didn't get around to blocking it until last night. I gave it a soak and pinned it down on my space board. Hopefully it will be dry tonight and I can work on seaming the sides and weaving in all those ends!

Not much work done on Hubby's sock lately. But, I plan to bang out quite a bit on the bus this week. If I get a seat in the morning. Well, I probably would have had a seat today if we hadn't overslept by an hour. Someone forgot to re-set the alarm before she went to bed last night. Good thing Billy doesn't sleep past 7! I do think he actually woke up before 6, when mommy's supposed to be in the shower, but he stopped fussing and I just rolled over and went back to sleep. Good thing we have flexible hours here and I'm not late unless it's after 9:30!

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