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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

on the bus, Gus

Last night was a long bus ride home. Thank knitting goddesses for socks and DJs. It was a pretty pleasant knit, I mean, ride for me. I'm sure you've heard that as soon as it rains, people forget how to drive. Surely, that's the only explanation for the hour+ bus trip home last night. But, that always means many rounds of the sock done.

This morning's commute was more of the same. Except it was SRO again. No knitting and no DJ (should have clipped him to my waistband). Oh well, I did a round or so on the subway and waiting for the elevator. I'll be knitting in a few while on a conference call (office door closed of course).

I did seam up Dude's Vest last night. I used mattress stitch because I was too lazy to look for an appropriate crochet hook. I loved it. These are the neatest seams I've ever made. And it wasn't hard. What magic to pull on the ends of the seaming yarn and have the edges come together so perfectly! Hopefully, I'll get the rest of the ends woven in tonight and tomorrow I can knit the armhole and neckline ribbing (for that I will need an appropriate hook, I love to pick up stitches with the hook). Then it's FO-time, baby.

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