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Friday, June 03, 2005

Lessons from the past week

1. Vacations are good!
2. Blackjack is fun, but not profitable.
3. It's even more fun with lots of $1 cocktails. Oh Nurse!
4. Hubby's a pretty good poker player.
5. 100 is hot, no matter what!
6. Penny slots can still cost $$ per spin!
7. Cheap steaks aren't as good as expensive ones. (Knew that already.)
8. Sleeping is more important than knitting on the red eye.
9. Work interferes with blogging.
10. Kids change a lot in a few days.
11. It hurts when your baby cries when Grammy leaves without him. OUCH.
12. I'm not a bad mom.
13. Billy likes craft stores.
14. I'm not a desert person.
15. Casinos are great, for a short visit.

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