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Monday, June 20, 2005

knittin' and rippin'

I'm knitting away on Dude's rad stripey vest. I figure one more set of stripes and it's time to start the back of the neckline. I scanned it a few minutes ago and will post the photo tomorrow (don't have Hello on the home PC).

I'm ripping more CDs. We're going to see Tom Petty and the Black Crowes on Wednesday, so I want to make sure we both have appropriate tunage. Hubby's also getting a little bored with the measley number of tunes he's got so far. I'm also ripping a few old favorites (Skylarking by XTC) and a new one (Get Born by Jet). Not to mention, I have more chicks to rip, too.

Had to rip and re-cast on for Hubby's sock. But, I've got a few rounds of 1 x 1 ribbing completed.

I was planning to go to bed early, but it's Monday, and I'm trying to get caught up with Medium. I know isn't that horrible? Staying up late to watch a TV show. But, I really like it.

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Lauren said...

you need a TiVo :) I couldn't stay up to watch my show last night (Six Feet Under), so I will watch it today... even though I went to bed early, I still did not catch up on sleep!