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Monday, June 13, 2005

Dutch heel

So, I turned the heel on Hubby's sock this weekend. I think it was Friday night that I got started. (I'm not quite sure, many beers were imbibed watching boxing Friday and Saturday nights while knitting. Yes, I have serious guy tendencies.) Once I wrapped my brain around the process, it was surprisingly easy. I'm not sure I like the Dutch heel, but it was fun. Next pair, I'm going to try the round heel. Hubby says he wouldn't mind tube socks, but I told him that would be no fun! (I told him repeatedly that sock knitting was lots of fun.)

Sock went with me the few times I left the house. I even moved up to a larger purse so I only have to carry one bag. Hubby gave me a hard time last night when I whipped out the sock in the van on the way downtown to the diner. I said hey, if I get 40 stitches done, that's 40 stitches. BTW, I got a whole round done.

I started swatching on the vest for Billy yesterday while Hubby watched a silly wrestling PPV. I've also been playing around in Excel this morning to figure out the stripes. I think I've got them down. So, I should be casting on and starting that soon. I think, if I get any TV time tonight, I'm going to work on the NBaT sleeves. I seamed up the body on Friday and she fits. Although, I didn't take her to a mirror to see how she looks. Hubby said she looked good, but he's a guy and a non-knitter.

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Yarngirl said...

Can't wait to see your NBaT!!!