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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

taking advice

I should take Lolly's advice and talk Hubby into getting Tivo or the DVR Comcast offers (for like $10 a month), then I wouldn't have to stay up until 11 to watch the good shows. But, it was a good episode of Medium.

I should also take Yarngirl's advice and not worry about fixing sock one. She says picking the stitches back up won't be too hard, and she's probably right. I also think that no matter how hard it is to get back on the needles, it will beat knitting three of the same socks! And do stop by and tell her how beautiful her Flower Basket Shawl is! Makes me think about knitting lace! But, really Netter, let's conquer the socks first then move on to another skill.

I did cast on for the front of Dude's vest. I don't know think the name Dude's Rad Stripe vest fits it. It's rather preppy, don't you think? Maybe it should be just a Preppy Vest.

Next time I'm on the PC at home, ripping CDs, remind me to stay off eBay. I've bid on some yarn. I know, I had all those plans about shopping til I dropped at Stitches and now I've gone ahead and done what I wasn't going to do. Fortunately, a couple of the auctions have just begun and I'm sure to be outbid. Yes, I want to be a loser!

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