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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hump day, really, really Hump day

It's never going to be a great day if I can't knit on the 113. I couldn't knit on the 113 today. The first bus that came was SRO. The second bus that came was also SRO, but I couldn't wait for a third bus. I'm supposed to be coming in early to make up dr appt time. It was also SRO on the E train downtown this morning. So, no knitting and an unpleasant commute. Not to mention uncomfortable tootsies.

Now, I am at work and the FTP sites are down. Since the majority of our vendors are in India and the servers for our workflow systems are in Europe, very little work will actually be accomplished today. Not to mention that when I scan a document on the copier, the file sits on an FTP server outside Boston. O, the joys of working for a large multi-national corporation.

Good thing our Internet servers aren't down. What would I do with myself. We are still getting e-mail, too. I'm sure that will keep me busy.

I did arrive home yesterday, late and bedraggled, to a box of Phildar yarn. Unfortunately, I didn't get to open and fondle for a couple of hours (had to nebulize and bath the boy and install the large ac unit). It's very nice and I'd like to start knitting with it immediately. Something stripey for the B, I think.

Rowan has discontinued Cork. There is some on sale on eBay in a favorite color. I don't know if I like Cork, and the stash is huge (as we know), and I'm saving money for Stitches, but I am sorely tempted to buy some (with a free pattern book). Too bad they don't auction more time on eBay (or knitting elves).

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