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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

headphone cozies

Is that really what you call them? It was fun creating these little things. I had to start over a few times, to get the right shape (and they're round while the headphones are oval, but they work). It's a pretty quick and easy thing. I chained 4, joined with sl st (slip stitch). Chained 2, and worked 8 hdc (half-double crochet) around, marking first hdc with a safety pin. Joined with a sl st, chained 2 and worked 2 hdc in each hdc from the previous round. I repeated that round again for another increase round. Joined with a sl st, then chained 1 because I was going to go to sc (single crochet) for the decreases (to get the little lip). I worked one sc in two hdc around (slip hook through top loops of hdc, wrap yarn around and pull through, repeat in next hdc so you have 3 loops on the hook, then yarn over and pull through all three loops). Repeated the decrease round, joined with sl st, pulled the yarn through and ta-da. Hubby was worried they'd muffle the sound too much, but I think they work great. Comfy and funky.

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