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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

you stop yellin me

That's a direct quote from my kid last night. I got a wee bit passive-aggressive with him when I refused to be the adult in a situation (he wanted to have a snack after we'd brushed his teeth and I didn't want to deal with him throwing a tantrum so I gave in and threw a tantrum). I yelled, he told me the above, and I've felt about an inch tall since. Fortunately, he's quick to forgive and let me put him to bed with hugs and kisses. I'm trying to not beat myself up. I had been doing really well with staying patient and being a good mommy. But, I'm PMSing and stressed and all wound up because Hubby's not been home (working late every night and his director informed them to come in early, work later, and take shorter lunches). Monday night, my pissyness was borne by the dog. Tonight, there will be no pissyness.

I finished the first drab sleeve last night. I've completed two decrease rows on the second. I will have this damn thing done. I so want to work on something else. I think I will be bringing something else tomorrow. It's just too hard to work on this during the commute and it takes up so much room.

My wedding anniversary is this weekend. Know what we're doing to celebrate? Nothing. Our babysitters are going down the shore to their condo this weekend, and we get to host them for Mother's Day dinner on their way back. Which means on Mother's Day I get to make sure the house is presentable and clean up after Hubby makes his turkey dinner for his mommy. Whiny much Netter? I think I need chocolate or french fries or both!


Andrea said...

Don't worry too much about throwing a tantrum. I would in an instant. I really don't deal with children well though. Sometimes, as un-adult as it feels, it's the only way you can react to things.

He still loves you and you still love him.

I hope you enjoy your Mother's Day/Anniversary though.

Amy Lane said...

Yeah...I'm with andrea-- we get to have our tantrums on occasion--it lets our children know that we too are human. (and it's great that he can say 'stop yelling at me' because you can say 'stop yelling at me too' and he will stop:-)

Sorry about Mom's day...I'm planning to sleep late, eat bad pancakes, and open my (please may I) ipod which I'm really missing...

Rae said...

re: mother's day -- well, I just wrote my childless sister to enjoy her baby-free days while she can. Mother's Day ISN'T a free day. Case in point: I made breakfast for the whole family today, took care of DD on and off, put her to bed, made dinner for DD and for us, did the finances, etc.... A free weekend my ass.

re: yelling. I had a similar incident this past week -- DD did something (I can't remember, of course) that REALLY HURT, and this was AFTER I told her NOT to do it. What did I do? I slapped her leg. Pure kids-on-the-playground-pull-your-hair kind of move. It was a gut reaction, a tit for tat. I felt AWFUL afterwards (we don't hit or smack or anything), but I explained (gently) the whole thing to her.

As did your DS, she forgave me almost instantly, and we bonded in our pain. Still, I was shocked by my own ability to lash out and thought I gotta keep that under check. I'm not 7 on the jungle gym anymore.

Anyhoo, Happy Mother's Day! ;)