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Friday, May 04, 2007

goal met

I separated out the sleeves for Drab last night. I also finished ball 4 of the 6 I've currently got designated for the body. I've got a few thoughts on the length, mostly along the lines of praying it's going to grow enough after washing or that I won't need 2 balls to finish each sleeve.

I obviously was excessive in the picture posting yesterday, Blogger won't let me post anything today.

We're going to have an exciting weekend. Dinner and a play tonight for Hubby and me (The Secret Garden at our local community group). Dentist for Billy and me tomorrow (he's very excited, especially since he'll get a new toothbrush, I'm worried he'll freak out). And Sunday is our town's arts and crafts fair (I think we'll let B go on the pony ride this year).

Hubby's not coming with tomorrow morning so I'll go to Joann's to pick up the stuff I need for the Piderman Packback, and maybe some other things. No yarn, though.


Rae said...

I've never done a raglan sleeve knit before, but I'm with you on needing a sweater in the office. Since I've hated most of my knitted garments, I swore off knitting anything to be worn north of your knees. However, I might knit a sweater (or that large rectangular scarf/pashmina wannabe).

Hope blogger lets you post more pics soon.

Amy Lane said...

I can't wait to see the whole thing finished...I LOVE it when those experiments work out, and WEEP when they don't...I'm thinking stretchy yarn thoughts for you...