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Friday, May 18, 2007

not dry yet

So, Drab's taking her sweet time drying off. I flipped her over last night and back again this morning. She's just a wee bit damp and will probably be wearable tonight, but I don't think she'd go well with my pjs. Since the weather's going to be a washout here this weekend, I think pics will have to wait. Maybe I'll get my buttons by the time the sun comes back.

I've been working on Serrano and have re-read the pattern and am making everything work just like the designer intended and clearly stated in the pattern. It amazes me how someone with a college degree in literature can misread something so simple.

I'd post a pic of the turned hem and two rows of eyelets by the color is off and too bright and fuzzy with the old kodak. Again, I need to call polaroid about a repair.

My weekend's not quite shaping up to what I had been planning. The other day M-i-L offered to babysit B on Saturday night. Hubby and I were thinking dinner and a movie (Piderman 3, actually). Now, we're going to go sit out at Shea tomorrow afternoon and see if our sad sack Yankees will actually get to play a game against the Mets. I should have pushed more forcefully for just dinner and a movie. I'm not going to have any sewing time tomorrow and I really want to make 3 yards of this into a skirt.
Or a wrap dress from this:
If I were to receive the pattern and the fabric I ordered.

Maybe Sunday.


Julie said...

Oh nice fabric! I'm definitely in the mood to sew but must race through my Monkey socks first and get some pal packages ready for mailing.

Andrea said...

Waiting sucks >:P

Amy Lane said...

The fabric really is pretty! Yeah... that's the sucky thing about blocking...I just keep wandering in and touching the project, hoping it feels dry...

Rae said...

I love the wrap dress fabric. Very pretty.

Funny about going out, the change of plans, wanting dinner, etc. We went out last night and trekked into the city. What a mistake. It's so expensive and so long commuting. DH will be hard pressed to get me on a date in the city.

Hope you get your sewing time!!