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Monday, May 21, 2007

She's a DRAB house

You know, they say the camera adds 10 pounds, and the bathroom mirror at work, another 20. Seriously, I'm totally ditching my plan to make out with Ben and Jerry while Hubby's at the Yankee game tonight.
I wore Drab to work today. She's pretty warm. I put the buttons on during lunch. After the above photo shoot (snort), I decided to ditch the top one. Obviously, either my button placement or button sewing skills need work. So, the deets: rowan polar in combat on US 10s. Top down raglan of generic design. Next time, I knit at a looser gauge, add stitches for my prodigious hips, make a deeper v-neck (abetted here by the deletion of that dorky top button), and adjust the raglans better. And I'm not really sure the LARGE gold buttons down my middle are doing me any favors.

In more exciting news, although I'm sure I'll hate posting pics of me in it as well, here is where I am on Serrano. First waist shaping row completed. I'm about 1/2 way through the second element of the chart.

As for my weekend plans this past weekend, no sewing was accomplished. I do plan on doing some tonight (cancelling the make out session will help that) assuming the dog cooperates.


Andrea said...

I love those buttons! Your sweater looks fabulous! You should be proud :)

Rae said...

An entire sweater, hand knitted. I've never accomplished that. Impressive, and I like the color. It's very "me."

Sorry about B. That happens; DD is waffling between a mommy and a daddy phase. The other day she said in her grumpiest, meanest voice, "Go away, Mommy. I want Daddy."

Little twerp.

Amy Lane said...

That's an awesome you said, better something you made than something you bought, and you will probably wear it to death...