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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

effin crochet cast-on

Oh sure, it just zips right out. Not if you f*ck it up like I did. The waste yarn is wrapped around and between each stitch and needs to be pulled out by hand 260 times. Needless to say, this hem turning thing is going to take a while.
I did google the provisional crochet cast on so I know what to do right with the cuffs, which are less than a 1/3 the size of the body. Right now, it's a mess. Last night, I didn't get a chance to start this agonizing process, because I lost the US1 I thought I had put in the bag to use. So, I wasted most of the bus ride just vegging.

The front bands of Drab are completed. Hubby says she's really pretty. I think he was just trying to appease his very cranky wife. I'm very unhappy about his working so many hours and I hate to add to his stress by being bitchy about it, but what am I supposed to do? Pretend I like it? The first week of this recent bout, I was all pleasant and mellow about it. Last week, a little crankier. This week, I'm going to drive us all nuts. Anyway, back to Drab. I hope to re-knit the cuffs tonight and if there's time, weave in the ends. Then she gets a bath and buttons and hopefully by the end of the week, pictures. I'll need her too. The office manager just turned the AC back on.

So, B was cute this morning, looking for ladybugs and foxes (a book we have about rainbows has a red ladybug and an orange fox in it). But, he sure did make sure his father's even less of a fan of yogurt. B had gagged on his yogurt this morning, and apparently, as I was getting a paper towel, Daddy had to step in and catch. Ewwwww.


Julie said...

I usually do crochet cast-on on a straight needle, then knit it off onto a circular on the first row with my real yarn. Really reduces twisting.

But then I unravel it from the wrong end and have to pick the yarn out of each stitch individually anyway. Arg.

Amy Lane said... matter how many ways you can think to do it, I still think the name 'Effin Cast-on' is still appropriate.

Rae said...

Oh I so know your pain about the CO. I found a great tutorial that has worked every single time -- The video is great.