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Monday, May 07, 2007

Picture yourself looking at things

I met another goal. I finished the body of Drab. Well, actually, I finished the sixth ball and will start sleeve 1 today. I'm not going to bother taking pictures. Mostly because I can't post them and also because it is curling like the Canadian Olympic team and wouldn't look like anything. But, I'm beginning to think I won't need too much growth from the yarn hitting the wet to get a decent length or fit around the bust. I keep trying to do mental math to figure out just how much yarn the sleeves are going to need, but I can't do it. As my dear old dad says, "we'll just have to take a wait and see attitude."

I do enjoy trying to think of what would make a nice crocheted border if I don't have enough of the combat polar. But, I think my ideas have been too wacky for everyday wear.

Amy, I might save the pretty buttons for something else. Hence, this sweater is still Drab. Re-christening may occur after completion. But I like the name drab just for the color.

I finished B's "Piderman Packback." He loves it. He used it to carry a few of his trains to church yesterday (or as he says "yay church" because he doesn't sit through the service, he gets to play with his two favorite girls). Hubby did go to the dentist appointment with us (he did the paperwork). B did alright, they only cleaned 2 teeth because he wasn't super cooperative. But he did let the dentist get a nice look. Dentist told me not to worry, but did have the hygenist note something. More brushing for B. Since Hubby went to the dentist with us, I went to Michael's at nap to get what I needed. I'll see if I can post the pics from home tonight. I knew I should have blogged it Saturday after I finished.

And Rae, he licked my face this morning.

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