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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

potty boot camp

Thank you for your support, it means a lot.

So, Hubby bought him a potty seat for school (ponge bob pare pants) and a ton of fun underwear, and a book for me on FUN training. Saturday and Sunday, we enter boot camp. No pressure and only positive reinforcement, but I'm going to put him in the fun underwear and see if that helps him realize that sitting in his own excrement and urine is not fun. If not, we stick with the pull-ups till he's ready.

The kid knows his own mind and I can't ever change it. Last night was oodles of tears and crying because we wouldn't do things his way (like not letting him watch a movie after he hit and kick me while trying to change his poopy pull up). Poor little snot is having a tough time adjusting back to regular life.

Just when I think I've got him outsmarted, he thwarts me. All weekend he insisted on wearing the same shirt over and over. His purple 8 shirt (it's a Randy Moss jersey from when he was on the Vikings and M-i-L bought it only because it was purple and that was his class color at the time). He only took the damn thing off when he leaked at night and he knew it was too dirty to wear (never mind that he has three other 8 shirts he won't wear). Yesterday morning, I had a minor epiphany. Aha, I thought. I have iron on transfer paper and he has plain t-shirts he won't wear. I'll make new 8 shirts that don't promote a thug or football team we don't follow. So, I spent my evening making a bright yellow 8 shirt with orange and yellow 8s on the front and back and a bright orange 8 shirt with rainbow 8s on the front and back. I showed them to him when he woke up. He was so happy and excited he couldn't stop giggling and he hugged those shirts like they were the best thing since chicken nuggets. He was vastly disappointed to learn that he couldn't wear one for pants. Fortunately, we'd washed his clothes and he had lots of shorts to choose from. But, like a mother with two children she won't admit to loving differently, he refused to choose between the new 8 shirts. He went to school wearing both of them.

This post by the Harlot made me realize that I don't want to change him. I want him to know his own mind and to stand up for himself. I just need to help him find the tools to get along in this world that wants cookie-cutter children.


Amy Lane said...

We're putting the underwear on the first day of summer vacation...may goddess bless the both of us, darling...they are difficult little goobers, aren't they? (The purple 8 shirts...that's too cute...he will never have to know who Randy Moss is...the shirt itself will just be his thing:-)

Rae said...

Two shirts. We parent alike -- if she wants to wear it and it won't hurt her or freeze her, then she can wear it. Mixed up socks? Fine. Red sparkly shoes with purple shorts? Fine. PJs? Almost fine (you have to draw the line somewhere, i s'pose). 2 shirts is great.

I'm pulling for you with the training. I've found that DD gets very embarrassed if she has an accident, so I make certain not to laugh (even when it's good natured, I stifle it). Hopefully B will catch on quickly!