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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

dressing up the drab

Imagine, in this space, that there is a close-up of the Drab sweater. Lying on the bottom of the v-neck are five shell buttons. These buttons have shanks, so don't picture any holes. The tops are very light gray and etched in a swirl of five circles with leaves and other pretty things. Imagine I could post the nice picture I took so you could see. Then imagine me moving 950+ entries to a new blog server and laugh yourself silly.

I went over to Purl today to buy some buttons for Drab. I was thinking I'd just go to Joann after Billy and I go to the dentist on Saturday and pick up some buttons there, but Hubby's thinking he might come to provide pre-schooler distraction, so the craft store is off the list (I do have to find time this weekend to get the grommets and cord I need for the Piderman Packback). I was torn between a few button options at Purl, but picked the gray shells. Ultimately, I may not use them. The may be too femme (we'll know for sure when I decide upon and execute an edging), in which case they'll be stashed for something else. I'll need to go back to Purl tomorrow. They undercharged me. I got four buttons for free.

Drab is only about 18 rows from having her sleeves split off from the body. I'm hoping to commence with the splitting tonight. We shall see. I'm hoping once I take off over 100 stitches, the knitting will go much faster. I'd still like to be able to wear her sometime next week.

In this space, you should imagine a box full of 20 balls of Knitpicks Shine Sport in cream, yellow, apple and grass green. We have friends who are expecting a baby in September. Hubby suggested yellow and green. I'm thinking a log cabin of some sort, maby the moderne from Mason Dixon Knitting.

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Amy Lane said...

knitting for nothing and buttons for free?

Hey--I'm all for the 'imagine the photo in this spot' post--as often as not the dumb thing won't download and there goes your fantastically imagined post...