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Friday, May 25, 2007

it's the weekend

Who cares that I'm stuck at this desk for the next five hours or that we're not driving down the shore until tomorrow? It's the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend and I'm celebrating. I've got a bag of Lindor truffles (why yes I am wearing a bathing suit tomorrow, so) and I'm in capris and summer has begun.

Here's serrano. I'm still working on her and she's anxious about her upcoming abondonment. But, with the drive down and being back at the condo early for B's bedtime, I think I'll be able to get a lot done on Spring Things this weekend.

Thordora suggested a yarn swap to me in the comments yesterday and I'd love some Louet Sales yarn. But, I can't deal with the thought of parting with any of my yarn. Isn't that sick?

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Amy Lane said...

no, no...that's a perfectly rational reaction to giving up any of your beloved, coveted stash. I feel you.