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Monday, May 07, 2007

Piderman, Piderman, doing the things a pider can

Lookee, blogger let me post the picture. The fabric's a little washed out here. It's really very dark. I wanted a heavier cord, but Michael's is limited in the sewing supplies. I've got enough left over to make one more.

Hubby thinks I should make 2 a week and have a booth next year at our town's street fair.


Rae said...

Did you mean that last line about Hubby as a joke? My first thought was, "Sure hubby suggests that. Easy for him to offer up your free time." Hm, think I may have some pent-up issues with my own dear family??

Nah...not me. ~grin~

The bag is great! It does look pretty simple to make. And since moving to Jersey, I have hunted for a really decent consumer sewing store, but I haven't found one. Michael's is just good enough but isn't a real sewing store, so I admire what you were able to find!

Susan said...

Oh, I thought exactly the same thing that Rae did when I saw this post. It's a cute bag, but I don't know if it will be so cute once you've made two a week.

Amy Lane said...

B is going to love that!!!! That's great!! Piderman!!! (Which reminds me...I need to leave RIGHT NOW to buy some Piderman toys...)