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Thursday, May 31, 2007

all potty all the time

I know, I'm obsessing. B was very happy with his new potty seat for school. No word on if he's using it, but I had to have F-i-L pick him up yesterday (busses were running way late due to our esteemed president raising GOP money and morale in my blue state) and B couldn't wait to show his new potty seat to his grandpa.

I've started reading the fun potty book. I'm feeling less than confident. Not because of the book or its content, but because I feel I'm rushing this and I will fail gloriously. Then one day, when I've change gazillion more pull-ups, all on his own he's going to just start doing it.

In good news, I had the world's fastest Gyno appointment last night. I was home in a half an hour, that's with almost 20 minutes driving time. I'm a bit annoyed that all I got were general questions (no follow-up on my PPD, no mention of my ballooning weight). I guess she figures all she's got to worry about are the PAP and the pelvic. But, most women only go to their gyno regularly. Shouldn't they be looking at overall health?

Hubby was left with the task of putting B to bed while I was out and got him down earlier than I normally do. B was in hysterics for about 3 minutes after I left and Hubby smartly distracted him by asking him questions about his train set. I get longer crying jags when the 8 shirt is dirty. But, B was appropriately thrilled to see me this morning, to the point of telling his father over breakfast "Daddy, look mommy here."

I've been doing a little knitting. Very little was accomplished over the weekend (no surprise there, I never knit as much when I'm away as I think I will), but I'm one repeat, chart C and border from finishing the spring thing shawl. I hope that means I can block it tonight. Then, on to finishing something else.

Anyone want to come over to my house and install the air conditioners?


Amy Lane said...

Okay... can I just say I'm with you on the potty thing. My problem is that even though he knows how to go, and he can go when he wants to...he just doesn't always want to, and I've been too tired to insist. But I'm not stressing--and I'll give you the long, horrific story of my older son's potty training so you'll feel better--trust me, it will help you feel better.

T didn't like to get rid of ANYTHING--he wept over old shoes, old toys, favorite shirts--this carries on to today when we have to make him give up pajama bottoms that are rotting off his body, but when he was 5 1/2 (remember, communication handicap) this trait was FEARSOME in it's intensity.

ANYTHING included his poop. I'm serious--when he lost it in the diaper, that was okay--but when he dropped it in the potty, he screamed MINE MINE MINE and generally threw a ginormous fit over the fact that we threw something of his away.

Potty Training was a nightmare. There was one memorable trip to Monterey where he didn't poop for FIVE DAYS. He was a miserable little monster, if I say so myself, and he'd cry and say "head hurt" and his father and I would scream "no shit! take a dump!" He finally did willingly--that time.

The next time, we had to give him a little teeny corner of chocolate ex-lax. That probably would have worked, except he was a lot taller than we gave him credit for, and reached into the very top of the medicine cabinet (I mean a LOT taller) and ate 1/2 a block of the stuff. I clean up that mess in my nightmares.

But that was it. After that moment, something in T snapped into place--it was like, he realized that of all the stuff he liked to keep, this was NOT it.

So the thing is, as bad as it got, even T, with his handicap and his hangups, eventually became potty trained. It WILL get better. This is why I"m not as stressed with the Cave Troll, and it's all I have to offer you. They may be boys, and they may like the easy way, but eventually they WILL realize that the potty IS the easy way.

And then you can talk them out of their rotting pajamas.

(sorry about the length of the reply...good luck w/the training!)

Rae said...

Oh wow with Amy's story! That has to inspire confidence -- if she can handle that, then you can handle B.

But really, it's not handling B that's the problem; it's handling everyone else that wants to push him forward, right? Hang tough. Again, you don't see 20-somethings in diapers (unless it's intentional and deliberate, or else some weird sex thing, but I don't want to go there).

We just turned on the air tonight (Thursday). DH said the house was H-O-T when he came home. Nights are cool, but the day gets really warm. How do you NOT have air conditioners??? ~grin~