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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

parenting makes me want to vomit

Billy's lead "teacher" called Hubby today. Seems she feels he's "regressing" and needs to move up to the next classroom, but he can't do that until he's out of diapers (they may call them pull-ups but they're diapers). He still will not go on the potty and he's been one tantrum after another today.

Why can't he just shut up and get along? I'm tired of everything being a struggle, everything is a reason for a tantrum. I wanted to post about what was fun this weekend, but between hubby calling to talk about the potty thing again, and being informed that he's not the sweet, happy boy he was as a baby, and all the residual angst from this weekend (between the kid and the spouse there was very little relaxing because one of them was having a fit about something every 10 minutes, and I loved when hubby had a fit because B was being 3 and having a fit), I feel like I'm either going to puke or cry and I just want to sit here and get back into the swing of things.

So, we're buying a fancy character potty seat for school and this weekend he's wearing just underpants with his shorts and I'm going to go stark raving mad.


Julie said...

It's tough when school puts these expectations on the kids and expect them to all conform to deadlines and standards. I think that's it's fine to have guidelines for when things ought to happen and great to watch for problems but I hate that those guidelines turn into hard and fast rules and the kids who are outliers and just moving at a slightly difference pace suffer for them. Grumble grumble grumble. Hopefully he'll decide he's good and ready and it'll be over quickly and on to the next challenge. I remember so clearly all the stress about getting the boys trained by 3 or they couldn't go to daycare at all. Best of luck!

Ruth said...

Lots of kids are iffy with the toilet training at 3. I remember that preschool pressure with my daughter - my son was much easier, and in fact at 4 has been reliably dry at night for some time, whereas my 7 yr old daughter still has nighttime accidents.

Rae said...

{{Hugs}} That's tough having two babies. It's one thing that sends me over the edge: DH acting like DD.

And what's with the school?? I know it's a nuisance to them, but really, too bad. Or so it should be too bad. Instead you're getting stuck and B is getting forced into behavior he may just not be ready for. Has anyone seen a 5 year old in diapers?? I think now. B will be fine on his own time. Just wish the school thought the same.

Hang in there!

Adrienne said...

Deeeeeep breath.

My now-five-year old was iffy with the potty until she was four-ish. Her day care just dealt with it -- but it is a fairly liberal day care. Thought the potty issues would drive us all around the bend, however, despite the day care's liberalness.

What I'm saying is that I feel your pain and you have my sympathies.

thordora said...

I know for certain that if my almost 4 year old had been under pressure to go potty, she most certainly would NOT have been potty trained yet.

Maybe he's the same stubborn silly my daughter is?

It's a little bothersome that daycares try to enforce this stuff. I'm glad we haven't had to deal with that...

Amy Lane said...

Potty training is horrible. My daughter, Chicken, was so easy I can hardly remember training her...I have some horror stories about my son (he's communicatively handicapped--he was 5 1/2 and weighed 60 lbs) that will stand your hair on end... but you will get through it--hopefully I will get through it (again!), and, as my two middle schoolers do prove, you will someday have whole weeks when you don't worry about their bathroom habits. (And then you start wondering how long your daughter has been going without washing her hands...ewwwww.)