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Monday, December 04, 2006

just so wrong and Sundays are for sewing

I didn't buy any yarn. But I did order my Christmas presents from without discussing with Hubby. And by my, I mean mine. The ones going under the tree from him and B. Now, how do I break the news?

Honestly, I was just online checking to see if there were any good specials to hit at the store after my psych appointment this afternoon and I saw that dress forms were $100 off, plus free shipping, plus a $10 gift card on any order over $100. So I ordered a dressform for myself and the sweater wizard software. I had yarn in the cart, but I removed it.

As for Sundays being for sewing, I whipped out a pair of basketball pants for B. Not basketball pants because they're for playing basketball, but they're fleece printed with basketballs. They're a bit big. Next pair, I'm altering the waistband a bit more to make the rise higher and shortening the elastic a bit more.

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