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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

clouded conscience

I still haven't told hubby about yesterday's purchase. Even when he asked me what I wanted for christmas. Putting off the conversation is only going to make it worse.

My psych is going to try to keep me off the anti-depressants, and thinks I should see an allergist if the hives don't go away once the meds are completely out of my system (by about Christmas time). I go back in 4 months. Of course, I should call if I start sliding. Every time I got the least bit cranky last night, hubby threatened to call the doc.

Even with the guilt about my online order yesterday, I still went to Joann last night. Got some fabric for totes (which I never sew up), some beading stuff, and two balls of Lily Sugar n Cream to make obnoxious ball band disclothes for my mom. Any woman who paints her kitchen Daredevil green (I always say they named it that because you'd have to be a daredevil to pain anything that color) deserves obnoxious dishclothes. The colors are Summer Splash and Hot Green. I didn't cast on until I finished sleeve 1 last night though. Sleeve 2 commences today. Still hope to Kirk out this weekend.

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Brynne said...

You know, my mom and I do the same thing about Christmas. When you want something very craft specific, it's just easier to choose it yourself. Just last weekend my mom and I ordered her new Christmas sewing machine online. I bought my own Christmas presents because my husband is in the middle of a busy patch at work. I had him look at them as they arrived. :)

Good luck going off the antidepressants. That's my husband's ultimate goal, but we're a ways off from that happening. Right now we are loving the medicated life a year after diagnosis.