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Monday, December 11, 2006

car poor

So, Hubby and I are looking into stepping up big in the car department. My beloved Honda Odyssey comes off lease in March and since we're going to have only 1 kid, we don't really need a minivan. Now, don't hate me for being anti-environment, but we're looking at an H3. Remember, we don't drive to commute, we both take mass transit. So it's just for around town. I test drove one over the weekend and is it nice. I really want the x in Orange. Wow is that sharp. In my defense, Hubby bribed me. He said if I agreed, we'd go to VT in the winter. Right now, we don't go North during the snow months (which in NW Vermont is October through April).

Knowing us, and seeing how the process went on Saturday, we'll wind up with another Saturn VUE.

Nearly done knitting my bucket hat. Hope to be felting by mid-week. So much to do at home. Work is settling in to the end of year lull.

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