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Thursday, December 14, 2006

overheard chez Netter the other day

Netter: Have you thought about growing the goatee back.

Hubby: I could do that.

Netter: I didn't ask you to do it, I asked if you'd thought about it.

Hubby: I could grow it back.

Netter: I don't want you to do it just because I like it.

Hubby: I could getted started on it.

Netter: I guess that means you hadn't been thinking about it.

I thought it was a really simple question. I hope he does decide to grow it back. He looks so good in it. And he'd match our wedding pictures again!

Hubby wasn't too upset about the dressform. The money didn't bother him, but he was a bit disappointed that he won't surprise me this year. I had to explain why I need one. He politely pointed out that the box is thinner than me. I explained that she's adjustable when put together.

I don't want to wait to open her. I've got tons of great fabric for skirts and ordered some fun stuff yesterday for a Christmas dress or skirt!

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Julie said...

I really, really, REALLY envy you the dress form. Really envy. And the husband who isn't upset.