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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Kirking out

Kirk's on the blocking board. I finished the second sleeve as my train pulled into my station last night. I had just enough yarn in the seventh ball for a six inch end on sleeve 2. I'll probably use just a smidge of ball 8 for the neckband. Gee, just taking a couple of inches out of the length really cut down on the yarn requirements. Rowan said I'd need 9 to make this size. I hope to be seaming by the weekend.

Speaking of the train, why do you have to make me let you out of the seat 5 minutes before we even hit the station. Can't you wait? Do you really need to get to your car that quickly?

I brought the rest of my Carrot swirl yarn in today. I'm making some dirt-simple mittens. It's going to be cold tomorrow!

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