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Friday, December 01, 2006


I started a sleeve last night. I didn't get very far. Too tired and doped out on antihistamines (massive itch episode last night), to think about increases and how long the sleeves need to be and yada yada yada. I did some math this morning and figure if I do increases every fourth row (aka, every other right side row), I'll get the required width and not make my dad look like he's a little kid dressing up in his father's sweater. I'm hoping to have the knitting done by the end of next week so I can block and seam next weekend. I don't think it's too ambitious, the back took a week and the fronts only took about six days. Today is day 14 of this knit. If I finish it next weekend I'll be nearly 3 weeks early! That's a switch.

I'll try to see if I can post a picture of any sleeve progress tonight or tomorrow.

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