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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

almost prettier than her kitchen deserves

The colors are a bit brighter here than in real-life. Really, the main color is more lime, less yellow, and the accent blues and greens are a bit deeper. I'm sure she'll like them (but I bet she paints the kitchen soon, it's been nearly 15 years as this color).

In Kirk news, I'm just about to start the sleeve cap on sleeve two. I plan to have that finished today and to start blocking as soon as I make some room for my blocking board. I'd love to seam up this weekend. (And yesterday, I meant to say block Kirk out, not sure how to Kirk out unless it involves Star Trek on DVD.)

In other news, mood is still good, still have not confessed to hubby, Billy is great, and the work stress is wrapping up. Amazing what happens when a department is fully staffed!

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CygKnit said...

I wondered about that "Kirk out" thing...