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Monday, December 18, 2006

turned a heel

I turned the first heel today. Much working on the B's zebra jays in the car this weekend, dropping him off at church for the second week of ADVENTure, driving to stores to finish shopping, picking him up, going home, driving back to church on Sunday. I'd take a pic but not only does my camera need to be charged, I left it at home.

I put my dressform together over the weekend. I was very anxious that it would be missing pieces as it was obviously a return (there was a second address label and the box was re-taped with brown tape). Fortunately, all the pieces are there. She's hanging in the living room near the tree. I had wrapped her in some festive green velvet, but Molly would not stop barking at the headless woman in the pretty dress.

Hubby bought a car on Saturday. A nice red, H3. Unfortunately, as the salesman was opening the back door to tape in the temp plate, he scratched it. Hubby had them cancel everything, but will go back later this week to see how the repairs went. Why yes, he is trying to get them to compensate us for taking a damaged model.

Question: Why is it the debit for the down payment showed up on our account within hours, but the credit that was swiped 15 minutes later will show up by midnight today, two full days later?

In other news, my middle sister will not be coming to visit with Mom, Dad, New Bride and B-i-L. I'd be bothered, but she's finally got a pretty serious boyfriend, and I can't begrudge her a life of her own. I'll miss her, though. Especially, the whiny, crankiness she usually brings to all family affairs. Whoops! That was a bit snarky!

Hey, Julie. Your package went out in the mail today. I'm not sure if it will get to you before you travel for the holiday. If not, you'll have a little more Christmas when you get back!

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Julie said...

No worries! Yarn in the mail is always good -- doesn't matter when. Thanks!