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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

one down

I finished the first zebra jay for Billy last night. I'd post a pic, but blogger's being a pain. It's really cute! I'd like to get him to try it on before I knit up the second one, but I know my kid and he'd refuse to take it off and be irate that I don't have one for the other foot yet. So, I'll knit #2 just like #1 and hope for the best.

I spent last night making vegetarian chili for our work potluck lunch today. With Billy's school holiday pageant last night and the sewing the night before, I feel like I haven't watched TV in days. Let's see it's Wednesday, what's on tonight?

Poor Kirk. He's been sitting, dry, on the blockin board for over a week. I really ought to start work on seaming him up. Dad's birthday is next Friday and they'll be here for dinner.

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