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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Secret Santa sewing and a gusset

My work knitting group is doing a Secret Santa gift exchange. I finally finished up my gift last night. The rules were that the gift had to be knitting-related and between $10 and $20 dollars. I made my giftee a tote and some stitch markers.
Fabric was a cotton remnant from Joanns with purchased handles.

Unfortunately, my giftee is travelling and will miss the get-together and I can only stay for a few minutes.

I finished the gusset on Billy's first zebra jay this morning. I hope to have this one finished today or tomorrow. Since I have to cook chili tonight for our departmental potluck tomorrow, a finished sock tonight might be unreasonable. I don't think these will be making into B's stocking this weekend.


Susan said...

Oh, interesting that the Zebra yarn doesn't pool or anything when you knit a much smaller sock -- that's very good to know. Those fabulous people at Opal!

anna said...

i LOVE that zebra yarn in the jaywalker pattern. I gave the pair I made to my sister - your pictures are making me crave a pair of my own.

angela said...

Those are fabulous stitch markers! How do you make them?