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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

the babbling stream of consciousness

I finished the Billy sleeves last night. No pics because the second looks the same as the first. My goal for tv-viewing this week is to finish up these bad boys. I didn't have the energy last night, so instead, I cast on for Billy's Kate. I don't think the name will stay Kate. Right now I think of it as his cougar. I'm doing it in our town colors and the cougar is the town mascot. Just have to think of a good name for a cougar. (Of course, right now we have names for all bears and doggies, but to Billy they are just what they are unless they are Elmo.) Here's the start. I'm using ASC in Orkney and Regal on size US9 dpns (crystal palace bamboo). I'm not sure that I like the airy-ness I'm getting. I think I may go down to US8s. Of course, ASC does seem to tighten up when washed. Hrrm. I'll have to see how things go. I can always jog over to Purl tomorrow to pick up some 8s. I do need to find somewhere to get some polyfill. The closest "craft" store to my house is going out of business, but I'll see if they're still open. I don't think many LYS carry polyfill. Perhaps I'll go to that fabric shop in Chinatown to see if they have anything, P and S, I think it's called. In other news, eating less worked yesterday. I ate the lunch I brought and snacked on the fruit I brought. I had broiled fish for dinner and no dessert. I'm starving right now. Having M-i-L home with Billy went well yesterday. He wasn't happy to see her leave, but he's two and changes tick him off like they do most two-year-olds. Hubby asked if I thought he missed day care. And I said not yet. He might miss some of his buddies in a vague way, but I hope he's too young to have become really attached. I'm sure he'll make new friends when he gets to the new center. Heck, he makes new friends whenever we go out to eat. That's about it for what's in my head, well, besides work stuff and you don't want to hear that.

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