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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Um, yeah, the camera was in the PS bag like I thought it might be. I have pics to share later in the post.

Since I've got one pair on the needles, two pair imminent, and one pair of lace-up fishnets to knit, I decided to join another knitalong. 200Sox over at purlingps. Here's the button . This is an easy knitalong to fulfill. It's actually not even a knitalong. It's an intentalong. As long as you intend to knit socks in 2006, you're in. And if you sign up by the 22nd, you'll be included in a drawing.

Billy's sweater is done. The neckline is now a lot bigger and will fit over his toddler-size noggin. Yay me! I need to check with M-i-L if she washed Hubby's yesterday while doing the laundry (why yes the woman is spoiling me rotten and I DO appreciate it). I'd really like to drop Billy's in the wash to soften it up a bit. Hubby's is so soft and relaxed. I promise pics next week.

I've also made mucho progress on Billy's cougar. Here it is after stuffing the body and before putting on the face. I didnt' stuff him too firmly. I like my stuffies on the mushy side and I worry about the stuffing showing through the ASC. I then proceeded to embroidering the face. Now, since we have a toddler and I have no googly eyes, I decided to embroider the eyes as well as the mouth. Hubby's not so sure about the face, but I think it's cute. Although, maybe more bunny-ish than cat or cougar. What do you think? I used ASC in sizzling for the nose and mouth. I should have the head/body finished tonight and will cast on for the ears ASAP. Cougar kindly agreed to hold Nattie's sock. As you can see, I'm a few inches into the leg.

Very soon, I'll be casting on for Billy's birthday sweater. I'm making Ronan from the Cork Collection, scroll down. I don't have enough orange to make a solid sweater, so I'm going to stripe it with sour (green) and maybe some plunge. We'll see how random I'm feeling, and how the striping looks with the reverse stockinette sleeves!

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