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Thursday, January 26, 2006


My knitting is coming in SIPs the next few days. All I'm taking to Florida are my two pairs of socks in progress. Nattie's Kroy Kandy Kisses and Hubby's boot socks. The boot socks are moving pretty quickly. I'm knitting them down on US5s for 6 stitches an inch. We want them to be nice and dense. I hope three balls of Elann Highland is enough (not that it would be a hardship to get more).

I did knit up the intarsia paw print patch for Billy's cougar. I'll block that next week and sew it on in time for his birthday. As long as I get that cork I was agonizing over yesterday, I'll have his Ronan done in time, too.

It's Thursday, that means LOST re-cap time. I'm not sure I like the turn they're taking with Charlie, and the Christian themes are getting a bit much (although, I am a Christian myself, I tend to like my entertainment on the secular or subtle-side). The plotline really hyped up the psychological mysteries, though. I'm excited for next week. Seems they'll really move the plot along some more. And what's up with Locke? Why didn't he destroy the statues? A power-play there I think. And will Kate and Sawyer just do it already? (although, that would probably kill the chemistry) Hurley and Libby were really cute. I liked those scenes.

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