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Monday, January 23, 2006


I cast on for sleeve one of Billy's Ronan Saturday and got it finished yesterday; I had finished the right front Friday night. I'm on my final ball of cork (until my order comes from the UK) and may just get the sleeve finished. It's going to be close.

Billy wore his cable sweater to church yesterday. I received many nice compliments.

I'm taking a wee business trip and the hotel for tonight has wireless in the room. I may have to blog, or at least read blogs tonight.

I've got 4+ hours on trains and in a car today and tomorrow. What are the odds that I don't knit a stitch?

Will I be able to stay awake on the train? Will the guys (I'm travelling with three men) talk the whole way?

I wonder time we have to get going tomorrow and can I sleep past 7?

I just won this on eBay. 20 balls true blue ASC for just about $70. Love me a bargain, just don't tell hubby. Yep, more matchy-matchy for my blue-eyed boys! I'm thinking something sweat-shirty for both of them. Beach sweaters!

The only thing fiber-related I love better than knitting, is buying yarn!

Well, off to go do stuff so I can pay for the yarn.


Susan said...

After much yarn purchasing forbearance, you are on a spree -- I'm envious! Have a great business trip and I hope that you do enjoy some of the time for knitting.

Jenifer said...

eBay is so naughty ... I've been staying away lately. Have fun with that!