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Thursday, January 19, 2006

two AAs please

No pics today. I forgot to replace the batteries in my camera. Something about picking up the dregs of eaten crayons off my carpet this morning distracted me. I don't know why the dog thinks crayons are so yummy, but she'll eat them any chance she can get. Good thing they're non-toxic.

I have the red scarf here with a little tag I made from a blank index card. I'd mail it out today, but I forgot a piece of ribbon or yarn to attach the tag to the scarf and I've got a stitching lunch so I won't make it to the PO. Tomorrow, then. And I'll have a final FO pic. I must say it is a wonderful scarf since it's been washed. It's soft and super drapey and just the right size. I wish I had more of the yarn to make one for myself!

I cast on for the back of Billy's Ronan on the ride home last night. I'm at the shoulder shaping and will have that piece done today. Then it's on to the fronts. I know I should slow down in case the yarn I ordered is a very different dye lot, but I don't think it will look too bad if the sleeves and collar are a slightly different shade. I should have enough of this dye lot to finish the fronts. It's so super-cuddly. I want to make a body pillow from cork and just snuggle down with it. Why did Rowan have to discontinue this yarn?

JanXknits pointed out a new ring, Momma to a boy. I think she might be the owner. Of course, I had to join up. A ring for knitters with sons? That's all me.

Okay, here's my LOST talk, skip it if you TIVO'd last night. I missed Mr. Eko. Locke and Kate are annoying. Jack's changing, did you notice? I sure hope his conversation with Ana Lucia was about self-defense and not aggression. As for the "Others" and their little living room speech, what the hell were people supposed to do when they found themselves stranded after surviving a plane crash? And, his explanation didn't really jibe with why they started attacking the Tailies so soon after the crash. I'm not going to expound too much on the whys and wherefores. I'm just along for the ride.

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