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Friday, January 13, 2006

knitting for others

I do a lot of knitting for others. Two-thirds of last year's FOs were for other people and everything on the needles right now is for others. But, I've never knit or crocheted something for a stranger before. It's an entirely different feeling knowing that what's in my hands is going to someone I've never met before.

On the way home last night, I remembered I had 3+ balls of red Gedifra Living in the stash. Tomato-red superwash, perfect Valentine's yarn for a college student (someday I'll tell you about the time my roommate flooded our bathroom trying to handwash her wool sweaters). I decided to go with seed stitch (thanks for the suggestions Lolly and Kim). I cast on 33 with my US8 Addis and I was off. Not bad for 3 hours, huh? I figure I'll have plenty of time to work on Billy's cork sweater with the traveling I'm doing later this month (train to Baltimore in a week and then we're flying to West Palm Beach). I must figure out how I'm going to get the scarf to a drop-off (gee, maybe I should use the Einstein Bagel store locator). I forgot to mention that the original notice I saw for the project came from Norma and I picked up the button from Maglia! My only concern (besides how quickly I will get bored with the seed stitch) is how to handle the tag. Would a paper tag be okay or should I figure out a ribbon or cloth tag?

So, that's what I worked on last night. I finished one Cougar leg and started the second, but the ASC on dpns was killng my fingers so I took a nap.

My big goals for this weekend are to finish up the cougar and felt two sweaters for the totealong. (Yes, the original plan was to use fabric from my stash, but I might still use some to line.)


Lolly said...

The seed stitch looks great. I think it takes longer, but it produces a great warm fabric.

Have a good weekend, Annette.

V said...

Seed stitch....good choice, indeed. It looks great!