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Monday, January 09, 2006

stashing, but not a skein to be found

I did some stashing this weekend, but not a skein was to be found. (I will confess to ordering 3 skeins of cork along with a copy of Knitscene from the knitting garden last week, but since the cork was sold out and is not coming to my house it doesn't count. Intent to stash is not the same as stashing.) A local craft shop is going out of business (this is the place where I buy beads and other notions, but no knitting stuff) and I wandered over there with Billy Saturday to see if they had any polyfill for his cougar. Nope, sold out. They were getting down to the dregs, but with it all 75% off, I had to see what I could find. What I found was this for less than $8. I saw the orange fleece and showed it to B. He hugged it, so Mommy bought it. It's 1 1/3 yard. I'm thinking jammies or play clothes (although hubby says an outfit will make him look like a prison inmate). M-i-L suggested making him a pumpkin for Halloween next year. A blanket would get much love, but he's got tons of blanket (including an orange fleece one). The beads are some red maple leaves, some clay cane flowers, some amethyst agates, and plastic hearts with letters. I got 60 large coilless safety pins. The crayons are awesome. They're fabric crayons. You don't color onto fabric with them. You color onto white paper and make an iron-on transfer! Who wants a t-shirt made with a Billy scribble? The only problem is the transfer is in reverse of what you draw, so it will take work to do words and things.

At lunch time, I'm wandering down to PS Yarns to get the polyfill and a zipper for Billy's Cork birthday sweater that I haven't started yet. It's going to be a hike from the office, but I can use the exercise. There's a shop near home I'll have to check out someday for notions and fabric and things. It's called "Sew and Show." I know they do sewing lessons and sell fabrics and machines, but have no idea what kind of notions patterns or other things they sell.

In exciting news, I finished up Hubby's cable sweater. I seamed the last seam and wove in all the ends Saturday night. I think I wore out the finish jones, though, because I did not pick up Billy's at all over the weekend. I'll have to start on that tonight. Och, that one's got lots of ends. The boys are wearing them to dinner Saturday and I will be taking pics, so I'll do a complete FO report next Monday.

In re-doing news, I started my sister's second Kroy sock again this weekend. I was looking at the oak rib pattern again (from Nancy Bush's awesome book whose title escapes me and I'm too lazy to look it up) and realized that I'd mis-read. I read *k1 p2 k2 p2 as k1 *p2 k2 p2. Duh. So I pulled it out and restarted and am about to start the leg. And yes, I had misread the ribbing for the leg, too. No wonder the first one (too small and about to be ripped) looked nothing like the pic in the book!

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