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Thursday, January 05, 2006

It feels just like starting over

Oh wait, it is starting over. Bag the just like bit.

So, as I was happily knitting along on Billy's cougar on the bus ride home last night, I started wondering about the steps ahead. Like where Jess has you stuffing the body part way through. Hrrm, I thought. She has you wait to stuff the head until after you stuff the body, how can that be? Doofus over here had cast on with her main color thinking that she was knitting from the head down. No. She should have cast on with her contrast color and realized she was knitting from the bum up. If she'd actually looked at the directions, where it said with CC1 cast on..... She may have saved a day's knitting. As it is, Billy's cougar now looks like this:

Ah well, B's birthday isn't for a few weeks.

I did start seaming the boys' sweaters last night. I've got one sleeve attached to Billy's. Yep, I got a little distracted by Miss Molly. At this rate, I'll have them done by Robbie Burns day, but it might be a close thing! Must do more seaming!

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