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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Thanks Gals

Thank you for the compliments on my tote and the lonesome sock. I have cast on for it's mate, but I've not been spending too much time on it. I went to bad way early Monday night. The pollen count is sky high and I just felt like such crud, that I went to bed just after Billy. So, that means 7:45-ish. I feel much better now.

I've been swatching for a top-down raglan jacket for Billy using the Portofino I ordered from Elann last week. I'll start that tonight and have some pics tomorrow.

It's been crazy here, as usual. Hubby's been home this week, and he's making a rib roast for dinner tonight. Now, if only he'd do floors, I'd get into this house husband thing.

Jeanie, the white sock was Lolita legs from Knitty (the link is in my sidebar). That reminds me, I really have to get that first one up to my sister for a try on! Before I know it, May will be here and i'll have to start Hubby's green aran! (That reminds me, I really need to sign up for Project Spectrum.)

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Anny said...

What? You haven't joined project spectrum yet? With all that orange you've been knitting? It is the current colour of the month you know ;0)

You should totally sign up. It's such fun. Lolly's set up a flickr account too where we can all upload our pics and then flip through a massive PS slide show (it's great cause it automatically flips to the next photo every 5 seconds or so which means you can totally look at what everyone else is doing without putting down the needles to click on "next"!) You'll find the link to it from Lolly's site.

Hope you join in the fun ;0)