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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hubby is not a yarn snob

Of course I got the usual "I thought you weren't going to buy anymore yarn" comment from the Hubby last night when he saw the Herrschner's box. Of course, as soon as he saw it was inexpensive cotton yarn for his sweater, he changed his tune.

He loves that the aran sweater's going to be under $30, even if I have to buy a pattern. He still thinks that knitting is supposed to save money. I don't think he gets that part of using more luxurious fibers is that we're talking about my hours of enjoyment of the process. I guess he'd be a product knitter.

He asked if I could get the black socks knitted up before he serves communion May 7. (Not highly likely)

He also asked why I only bought one of the green photo albums on the right. He thinks I should have stocked up for gift-giving.

I wonder how he'll feel when another box shows up next week with more yarn for the other sweater he wants ($1.74 for 129 yards).

I've reached the leg portion on the stockings. I can't believe I'm posting a picture of my unshaved leg on the Internet. Please don't look too closely at the exposed calf. Good thing no one else is here when I get in.

I wound up getting Addis yesterday. They didn't have bamboo circs and the only US4 straights were way too long. I would have killed someone knitting on the bus with those. There will be at least one finished stocking hanging out at my house this weekend.

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Susan said...

Well, knitting does save money -- it keeps you out of the malls and off of the internet, where you could be buying more and more stuff during the time that is now occupied by your knitting.