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Friday, April 21, 2006

It's official

I've signed up for Project Spectrum. I figured since I've done the orange-overload this month and am planning on following the colors through the end of the project, I should sign up. (I got a nice nudge from Anny Purls about it, too. I think that's my longest comment ever!)

Speaking of orange overload, I've been working on this since Wednesday night. Nice little raglan jacket, knitted from the top down in that Portofino Souffle I ordered last week. It arrived on my desk Tuesday and I couldn't wait to get started. Only a couple more rows and I separate out for the sleeves. Good thing, too. This is getting way too long for the needle. I'm up in the air about how I'm going to finish it, ribbing, zipper, hood?

Here's a little round-up of non-knitting stuff you may be interested in:

Billy had an ENT check-up this week. His ears are doing well (and his doc had great compliments for Ronan).

Our conference at daycare was fine. They are aware that his behavior (hitting, biting, pushing) is typical for his age (being the youngest in his class). But, they have noticed he's becoming more verbal and trying to participate in the learning activities (we've noticed at home he's saying way more words and even trying to sing along). We also made it clear that he doesn't get a chance to interact with other kids outside of daycare (all our cousins' kids are 6 hours away).

Hubby did a lot of yard work this week. He also cooked a mean rib roast Wednesday night. How nice is it to have someone call you as you're heading home to find out what time you'll be there so they can coordinate dinner. Are we sure he has to go back to work next week?


Susan said...

LOL -- I though you already were doing Project Spectrum! You do realize that in a mere nine days, you'll have to think of something green to knit or post. . . though you can certainly keep going with the orange.

Lolly said...

I am glad you joined, Annette! :)
If you are on an orange kick, stay with it! it is such an amazing color. Of course, like Susan said, you can also switch over to green for MAY!

Best wishes,