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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fillie's debut

Fillie makes her debut today. Here is the embarassing bathroom shot (taken at work because I forgot my camer here, please disregard the bad hair day):
So, the details. The pattern is Knitting Pure and Simple's Summer Cardigan (top-down raglan). I used a different weight yarn than called for so had to do a little math at the start. I also modified the neckline so that it was lower and wider in the front. The yarn is Capricorne by Phildar, one of my more recent eBay purchases. The buttons are plastic, vintage that I bought at Stitches. I started 8/31 and finished 10/4. Not bad. I wish I could have made the body a little bit longer, but I've got less than half a ball of yarn left. I decided to try to take a self-time shot in my office (with the door closed), what do you think?

Hmm, I guess I must think that's my good side! I was a little worried about the yarn being primarily yellow (I don't like myself in yellow), but there's enough orange and pink that it looks very peachy.

In other knitting, Shadow is now 12". Yeah, not much progress yesterday. Hubby and I went to the Devils game (pounded the Penguins 5-1), so knitting time was curtailed. I just don't dare try to bring my needles into an arena or stadium, although I know a lot of other knitters do. Tonight, much knitting time watching CBS (after Miss Molly gets a bath). And tomorrow, Hubby's going to the Yankee game so it's all me and my knitting after Billy goes to bed.

Ah, Billy. He didn't even try to bite anyone yesterday. But, we still have a conference with the one or the other director of the day care (tonight at 6 if we can make it, if not tomorrow at 7 am). They want to get to the "bottom of the problem," even though it's lessening. Hubby was told that kicking him out would be a last resort. Here's hoping he decides not to bite anyone today either. (I will be pointing out that his one incident this week occurred after he was bitten.)

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