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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

at the ankle?

I've knitted pattern 2 to 3" as the instructions specify. I guess that means I'm past the ankle. Now, I start to knit flat. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my US4 circs with me today. Oh dear, I guess that means it's a trip to Purl at lunch for some clover circs (if they have them). I don't think addis will work (too slippery for the soft cotton and not pointed enough for the k2tog and skp). I guess I could go with straights (ewwww, I haven't knitted with straights in years).

I'm not looking forward to the trip over to Sullivan street, though. It is snowing like the dickens out there.

Today is a good day, yes I'm still overloaded at work (and my staff member just called to say she's out with viral pneumonia, anyone know if that's contagious), but my Herrschner's package arrives today and we get a new episode of LOST.

1 comment:

Anny said...

Ugh, straights! I learned to knit using 14 inch aluminum t any wonder I didn't take to knitting right away?

Now it's circs all the way, baby!